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Property Upsurge, Inc. is the leading boutique real estate firm in both management and sales of investment properties. Our company was founded by investors who were in search of a company that can locate and manage real estate investment opportunities. Today, we provide investors a complete solution for investing in real estate opportunities by partnering with us. This partnership provides the investor peace of mind knowing that their management company has vested interest in the success of their property. Our founders have twenty plus years in investment and management expertise and an astute understanding of every changing laws and customs. We know how to leverage our relationships to provide great value for our clients. We don’t just use boilerplate templates but rather apply critical thinking to all situations to insure we’re always performing at our best. An overwhelming majority of Property Upsurge’s units under management are still from the same clients that have worked with our founders from over two decades ago. Our mission is to be the most respected and sought after management and real estate brokerage company by owners, tenants, vendors and employees. We look forward to serving you soon.

Meet the Team

Yaniv Benaroya - President, Founder, Property Manager
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Yaniv Benaroya is the President and founder of Property Upsurge Inc., the leading boutique real estate firm in Contra Costa County. Yaniv has over $150 million in sales in just the past 10 years, which put him in the elite top 5% tier of agents in Contra Costa County.
Yaniv Benaroya, a Cal Poly graduate (2000), has enjoyed a remarkable career. His endeavors include a wide range of successful high and low price point pursuits in real estate, including residential, commercial and multi-family real estate sales, management as well as consulting.
Yaniv learned the real estate business as an investor. Successfully purchasing over 500 plus homes in several markets, Yaniv understands the in's and out's of real estate and knows how to position a property to achieve its maximum potential.
In 2007, Yaniv formed Property Upsurge Inc. to help investors and himself acquire, sell and manage properties for their portfolios. Since then, he has conducted over 300 plus transactions in Contra Costa County for both residential, commercial as well as multi-family properties.
Yaniv's local knowledge and his astute understanding of ever changing laws and customs are strong assets, which serve him well in reaching out to and attracting both buyers and sellers. His thorough knowledge and personal experience in financing and negotiating simple and complicated transactions have enabled him to provide excellent service to his many clients. Moreover, brokers and managers from competing company’s often call Yaniv for his opinion and expert advice.
Eric Huber - Vice President, Principal Broker
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Eric is an East Bay Area native having grown up in the Walnut Creek area and being a Las Lomas High School Graduate. Previous to joining forces with Yaniv at the start of 2010, Eric received his Business Administration Degree from Humboldt State University in 1994 and then went on to work growing Bricks and Mortar concepts.
When joining Property Upsurge both as Property Manager, Real Estate investor, and Principal Broker, Eric took his 25 years of commercial and residential construction background, his ability to motivate and manage teams of employees, and his knack for growing successful concepts to grow the management company and real estate investment firm many times over. With his fresh perspective on the industry, he has since put together a vibrant, motivated team, systems unique to the industry, and used his over 40 years of living in the Bay Area to help his clients get the best returns possible.
Sean Fernandez - Controller
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Sean hails from Reno, Nevada where he graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a Bachelor’s Degree focusing on Psychology and Accounting. He joined the Property Upsurge team in March 2016, bringing his knowledge of accounting practices and a drive to learn more to the bookkeeper position, which helped him quickly become the head of the accounting department. His greatest assets have always been his ability to adapt to changes, his thoroughness in auditing the accounting records, and his intense attention to detail. Combined with his experience in general ledger accounting, financial statement preparation, and analysis, he has been able to build and innovate on current procedures to increase efficiency and the accuracy of the accounting records.
Jessika Nieto - Executive Assistant
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Jessika Nieto is a Bay Area native, graduating from Deer Valley High School and going on to study Psychology and Child Development at Berkeley City College. She joined Property Upsurge in May 2019, bringing forth her customer service skills and attention to detail to the administrative position. Her incredible work ethic quickly led to more responsibilities, and she now holds the position of Human Resources Director as well as assisting in transitional coordination for escrows. From running payroll, to taking rent payments, to communicating information to prospective tenants and owners, Jessika continues to prove herself a rising star within the Property Upsurge crew.
Noah Lefiti - Area Maintenance Manager - Bay Area
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Noah Lefiti joined Property Upsurge in April 2019 as the area manager for Butte and Yuba counties. In this role, he is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day management and operations of properties in both areas. Noah has industry experience with collections, resident relations, and on-site management. Noah is passionate about customer service which attributes to his success with keeping current tenants happy while attracting new ones. In his spare time he enjoys playing sports and spending time with his family.
Marissa Ascencio - Area Maintenance Manager - Butte-Yuba
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Marissa is a highly motivated and results driven individual that was recruited to lead Property Upsurge's Butte-Yuba territory in September 2020. She is from Yuba City and is currently the Area Maintenance Manager for the Sutter, Yuba and Butte counties. She graduated from San Jose State with a Bachelor's Degree focusing on Spanish and Mexican-American Studies while simultaneously being employed as a flight attendant. Her unique environment has taught her to mitigate and manage a multitude of situations relying heavily on her prioritization, time management, morale, and professional performance.
Raven Reid - Maintenance Coordinator - Butte-Yuba
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Raven Reid joined the Property Upsurge team in April 2021 as the Maintenance Coordinator for Butte-Yuba. In this role, she manages, schedules, and oversees all tenant maintenance services requests and projects in her territory. Raven's customer service background has been instrumental in the high satisfaction of our tenants in the processing of their maintenance requests.
Richard Robinson - Area Maintenance Manager - Shasta
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Richard Robinson joined Property Upsurge in May 2019 as the Area Maintenance Manager for Shasta County. Richard grew up in San Diego and moved to Shasta County over 20 years ago after receiving his Honorable Discharge from the US Navy. Richard graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Simpson University in 2010 before gaining skills as staff member of student housing. Richard joined the team with a strong background in customer service, working with tenants and addressing various issues which serves him well in navigating property management logistics. Richard’s responsibilities include overseeing day-to-day management and operations of the properties, marketing vacancies, facilitating collections, maintaining resident relations and on-site management. In his spare time Richard enjoys going to the gym and spending time with family and friends.
Ivonne Govea - Area Maintenance Manager - Stockton
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Ivonne is one of our newest additions to the ,rapidly growing, Property Upsurge team. Ivonne received her Associates in Business in 2014. Since then, Ivonne has continued her education in Real Estate and Finance, in hopes of one day becoming a licensed Real Estate agent and eventually a licensed broker. Ivonne brings years of experience working in property management and business operations. In her short time with Property Upsurge, Ivonne has exceeded all expectations in the day to day operations/management of her portfolio. Ivonne is committed in helping Property Upsurge continue providing top real estate solutions.